Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shut Up Just Shut Up Shut Up

So I sat and felt my heart sink as I just watched her. I felt anger and an overwhelming burden to make it better by beating some people down. But in reality there was nothing I could do. She cried and just spoke. She let her heart out and her frustrations. Here she was a great friend I have grown to trust and admire upset over the foolishness of people.
I thought back and remembered so many times when (even as a male) I sat and wanted to do the same thing, because of hurtful things people said. And to be honest I did sit and cry in the comfort of my own car, simply baffled by how people who said they were my friends, or acquaintances, or coworkers could do me so wrong. it brought me right back to feeling myself get hot and extremely angry over someone smiling to my face and trying to discredit everything I worked hard for. The hardest memory of all though was the fact that I had been the guy who caused pain before. I thought it was better because I could say it to their face too, but normally it doesn't work well either way. No matter whether I did it before or after it was still hurtful words. I had to inflict on people what was inflicted on me right?? Wrong and nothing hurts worse than to see a friend break down, but it is incredibly more shaming and condemning when you are the reason.
I wasn't the cause of this, but I did get to witness first hand what drama in a workplace can do, and how hard workers can be brought to rubble my a misguided gossiping tongue. I hurt for those people, not the ones hurt but the insecure ones doing the hurting. It takes time and energy to take the time to speak all of that negativity, time and energy that to be honest I don't have. I have far better things to do with my life than that.
So what do you do? My questions to the small following of people out there reading. How do you handle drama and gossip in the workplace?? How do you shut it down and build up instead of tearing down? Are you the type that sticks up for friends or the type that shuts your mouth and let them get blasted even when you know better? Are you one that uses your speech for good or evil? And are you happy with the results??


  1. Great words my friend. I have become more and more the type of person that WANTS to lift others up. I say wants because some times I loose sight of actually doing that and do nothing!


  2. I find it healthy to think others are doing the best that they know how. All have the ability to change but it is not likely that all will. You're either getting better or getting worse. Is someone helping you get better or worse? Be the example that you wish to be and you'll have influence.