Monday, July 13, 2009

Is it worth?? Let me work it!

So recently, due to a friend, I decided to hunt for a Dollar Tree. Why?? Good question.... I think the prospect that EVERYTHING in a store is a dollar probably helped fuel me.

Upon entering the store, I thought I heard angels singing and possibly a trumpet. A store with everything just a dollar seemed like it would be heaven on earth, but after purchasing some items I realized it might not be heaven but much farther south than I expected.

You see I purchased some deodorant from said dollar store...two sticks in fact. I was overjoyed at paying just 2 dollars for deodorant. I got home and started to get ready for the evenings activities. I went through my normal ritual of showering, grooming, teeth brushing etc. I applied my new deodorant, sprayed my cologne and went about my night. It was a good night filled with friends, and food, and fun. We were outdoors, having a merry time when the problem began. I am not sure if it was a stupid joke I was telling or perhaps me using my shirt as a sweat rag (don't judge me it was hot), no matter how it happened the fact is IT happened. I took one whiff and realized that there was something terribly wrong in Brentland. It smelled like I had been in a sweatshop producing Nike shoes and decided not to bathe for a month. I was devastated and went into self-preservation mode. I stopped telling jokes, held my arms much closer to me, and found creative ways of avoiding the smell coming from my armpits. In my head I was having the battle for my social life and existence at that moment. "I know I put on deodorant...or maybe I didn' I know I was that speed stick dollar tree deodorant."

After the night was over and I prayed and thanked God that none of my vocal friends had called me out on my smell, I went home and IMMEDEATELY looked at the deodorant I had purchased. It looked normal. It looked like a good brand. It even smelled good...that shower fresh know the one I'm talking about. I decided I would give it another try, thinking that maybe I just didn't put enough on. Sad to say that it was still no use. And that, my friends, is when I realized what cheap deodorant was.

This entire story and incident put in my head one question...what is worth getting cheap and what should you spend money on. Funny enough this brought to mind SEVERAL things in my house I opted out cheap on that I later regretted. So for you I ask the question: What can you NOT go cheap on??

Here are a few of my answers and feel free to answer at your leisure:


Weed Eater

Lawn Mower


Anything wanting to accomplish flea removal


  1. Fancy sodas or fruit juices (when there's Kool Aid)

  2. I haven't had a similar deodorant misadventure with my dollar store deodorant. I bought it at Dollar General (though I'm not sure that makes a difference).

    This could lead one to theorize about the lethal nature of your man-sweat though... ;)

  3. OKay this happened with me and Evan, I am a HUGE fan of Dollar Tree since having Avery. I can get cleaning products for cheap and little things AND Spices!!! Spices are expensive and paying a dollar for some is awesome in my opinion.

    I bought Evan some body wash from Dollar tree and he hates it, said he didn't smell manly but like a something died attached to him. He liked how it smells in the bottle but after he got out in the sun, it changed. He's loyal to his old spice body wash and deoderant.